Scoring Rubric

Review the four criteria the Evaluation Panel will use in their review.

Will the project, if successfully implemented, significantly improve economic opportunity for the targeted population over the long-term? Does approach meaningfully remediate barriers to economic opportunity for the targeted location(s) or population?

Modest improvement for targeted location or population. Removes some barriers to economic opportunity, but leaves key barriers in place.

Does the team successfully present strong evidence that the proposed strategy is effective, inclusive, and has previously demonstrated compelling results?

Evidence-based approach that is proven effective in addressing the population they aim to serve. Delivers results over time and demonstrates a track record of success.

Does the team have the skills, capacity, and experience to implement the proposed strategy? Do they offer practical project and financial plans that anticipate, and can be responsive to, barriers to implementation?

Offers a qualified team with consistent commitment to this work and ability to collaborate with the targeted population. Has a realistic plan to deliver results and address any challenges.

Does the proposal reference past results demonstrating the approach can effectively and successfully be replicated or scaled to the specific contexts targeted in the proposal, and/or serve as a model for other organizations or movements?

Solid approach with a concrete plan to scale and achieve the intended results. Has potential to accelerate existing efforts and serve as a model for other similar communities.

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