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The Economic Opportunity Challenge

The Economic Opportunity Challenge will award $10 million to scale a game-changing solution aimed to improve the financial health of low-income families.

The Economic Opportunity Challenge will fund the most transformative evidence-based solution to address barriers to improved economic opportunity, security, and/or mobility for individuals residing in the United States.

We are looking for proven, data-driven solutions ready to serve as a model for implementation across the country. Up to five Finalists will be named, one of which will receive a $10 million grant and remaining Finalists will each receive a $100,000 grant. Winning solutions will utilize a powerful strategy to change lives and permanently remove key barriers to economic opportunity. Teams will demonstrate that they have the track record, experience, relationships, and resources to create lasting change, using an evidence-based approach that shows promise for delivering significant impact at a larger scale. Applications will be scored based on the following four criteria:

  1. Magnitude of Impact
  2. Strength of Evidence
  3. Likelihood of Success
  4. Potential for Scale

Please assess your fit for the Economic Opportunity Challenge and review the scoring rubric to learn more about what makes a strong application.

Over 40% of children born in the bottom quintile of the income distribution in the U.S. will remain in the bottom as adults. Lever for Change is excited to partner with the family foundation that is sponsoring the Economic Opportunity Challenge to find evidence-based, scalable approaches to improving economic opportunity and mobility in the U.S.

Cecilia Conrad

CEO of Lever for Change


Phase One

We’ve designed a process that is fair, open and transparent. Once the application period closes in February 2020, our team will confirm each submission meets the requirements and rules before advancing to the Evaluation Panel. From April to June 2020, our team will review the top-scoring submissions based on Evaluation Panel results and request additional information as needed in order to select up to five Finalists who will move on to Phase Two.

Review Timeline

Phase Two

From June to October 2020, the Finalists will work with an expert team to strengthen and resubmit their proposals, host site visits, and share their more detailed plan to implement the solution. The $10 million grant and $100,000 Finalist grants will be awarded by November 2020. Explore this website to learn more and find out if you’re a good fit for the Economic Opportunity Challenge.

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